More Clean Room Cabinets and Stainless Steel Casework

More stainless steel clean room cabinets at


More Stainless Steel Clean Room Cabinets and Casework

In addition to the GownRite products displayed, G2 manufactures many other variations of stainless steel cabinets and casework. These other branded products can be viewed at

SterilKleen® brand products by G2 Automated Technologies, LLC, are made in the USA and are fully customizable.SterilKleen Website Link logo

Providing stainless steel case carts, cabinets, casework, desks, gowning room equipment, sinks, tables and more since 1999, G2 prides itself on quality construction and offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on everything we build.

G2 understands that clean, organized handling and storage of instruments and equipment is critical in any clean room, food processing, laboratory, medical, or research environment. Our cabinets, case carts, and casework are designed with this in mind.

Image of 4 types of stainless steel cabinets and casework representing products available on

G2 also manufactures polypropylene cabinets and other specialty clean room items.